Welcome! This guide outlines the expectations for a productive and positive SBT experience for everyone involved.

Setting the Stage:

  • Be Prepared: Join the meeting on time with a working microphone and speaker. Test your technology beforehand to avoid any technical difficulties.
  • Professional Presence (Optional): Consider dressing professionally, especially if the meeting is formal. Choose a clear and professional username for easy identification.

Meeting Manners:

  • Mute on Arrival: Mute your microphone when you’re not speaking to minimiSe background noise.
  • Focus & Respect: Pay close attention to the speaker. Avoid multitasking or side conversations. Maintain a courteous and respectful NON PROFANITY tone throughout.

Active Participation:

  • Raise Your Hand Virtually: Utilize the “raise hand” feature to indicate your desire to speak. This ensures a smooth flow of discussion.
  • Clarity & Time Management: Keep your comments and questions concise and focused on the agenda, allowing everyone a chance to participate.

Additional Considerations:

  • Background Blur/Replacement (Optional): Feel free to utilize the background blur or replacement feature for privacy or professionalism.
  • Screen Sharing: Only share your screen when requested or with the host’s permission.
  • Food & Drinks (Optional): If you choose to eat or drink during the meeting, mute your microphone to avoid background noise.

Recording Policy:

  • Responsible Use: Recordings will solely be used for the meeting’s intended purpose and shared with authoriSed participants.

Host Responsibilities:

  • Clear Agenda: The host will provide a clear meeting agenda outlining the topics for discussion.
  • Facilitating Discussion: The host guides the conversation, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to speak and keeps the meeting on schedule.
  • Maintaining Order: The host has the right to mute or remove participants who disrupt the meeting or violate these guidelines.

Building a Positive Google Meet Environment:

By following these guidelines, we can create a productive and respectful STB experience for all participants! Remember, active listening, clear communication, and mutual respect are key to a successful online meeting.

Additional Tips:

  • UtiliSe the chat function for questions, comments, or sharing relevant links.
  • Dress comfortably, yet professionally, if video is required.
  • Choose a quiet environment free from distractions.

Thank you for your cooperation!