Sinceresponse Mentoring: Empowering Young Minds Through Online Support (Ages 8-18)

Sinceresponse Mentoring provides a safe and supportive online space for young people (ages 8-18) to connect with experienced mentors, operating Tuesday – Friday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. We believe that having a trusted adult to talk to can make a world of difference in a young person’s life, especially when it comes to their mental health.

Why is Support Important?

Growing up can be tough. You might face academic challenges, social anxieties, or even family issues. Having someone to talk to about these things can be a huge weight off your shoulders. Sinceresponse mentors offer a listening ear, honest advice, and a positive role model during this crucial time in your life.

Benefits of Support and How it Can Help Mental Health:

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety: Talking about your worries with a supportive mentor can help you feel less alone and develop coping mechanisms.
  • Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem: Positive reinforcement and encouragement from a mentor can help you believe in yourself and your abilities.
  • Improves Communication Skills: Expressing yourself openly and honestly with a mentor helps you develop strong communication skills that benefit all areas of your life.
  • Promotes Positive Decision-Making: Mentors can offer guidance and different perspectives to help you make healthy choices.
  • Early Intervention for Mental Health Challenges: Discussing any difficulties you’re facing can lead to early identification of potential mental health issues and access to appropriate resources.

What to Expect with Sinceresponse Mentoring:

  • Matching: We’ll connect you with a dedicated mentor based on your interests and needs.
  • Safe & Secure Platform: Our online platform ensures a comfortable and confidential space for communication.
  • Goal-Oriented Support: Work with your mentor to set goals and develop strategies to achieve them, be it academic success, personal growth, or navigating challenges.
  • Open Communication: Discuss anything on your mind in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Join the Sinceresponse Mentoring Community!

We invite all young people aged 8-18 to take advantage of this valuable program. If you’re interested in becoming a mentor and sharing your experience with the next generation, we welcome you too! Visit [Link to Application Page] to learn more and apply.

Together, through Sinceresponse Mentoring, let’s build a brighter future for our youth!

This agreement outlines the expectations for both the mentor and mentee in our mentoring relationship. By understanding our individual responsibilities, we can create a more effective and productive experience. This agreement serves as a guide and can be renegotiated if necessary to best serve the mentee’s development.

Mentee Responsibilities:

  • Be open to change and new ways of learning and working, even if they challenge your current thinking.
  • Be honest with yourself and your mentor, especially if something feels ineffective.
  • Be committed to your development by giving and receiving honest feedback.
  • Acknowledge the investment being made in your growth and understand that commitment is key to reaping the benefits.

Mentor Responsibilities:

  • Focus on your best interests, goals, and outcomes.
  • Support and encourage you to reach your full potential.
  • Be open, objective, and non-judgmental, allowing you to set and achieve your own goals.
  • Ask questions that challenge your ideas and thoughts as you progress.
  • Provide a comfortable and private space for face-to-face discussions.

Ways of contact:

Text, voice and video call (video + voice calls may be requested and possibly be limited in time if too many users are online).


As your mentor, I will maintain strict confidentiality regarding the content and nature of our discussions. This builds trust and rapport. However, following Sinceresponse’s professional guidelines, confidentiality may be

compromised in the following situations:

  • If there is a risk or potential risk to people and/or services.
  • If there is a breach, or potential breach, of law or contract.
  • If the mentor and mentee agree that the issues raised cannot be appropriately managed within the mentoring relationship.
  • If the mentor feels that the mentee’s progress needs to be discussed with their line manager, with prior agreement from the mentee (e.g., for performance reviews).

As a mentee, you have the right to share your experiences with others if you feel comfortable. However, remember that your experiences are personal, and you should consider the impact your values and beliefs may have on others by sharing such information.


I value your feedback on how well the sessions meet your needs. This helps me learn and develop alongside you. If you’re willing, I can provide a feedback sheet at the end of each session. This is your chance to be honest about how the sessions are helping you achieve your goals and outcomes.


All records and feedback sheets will be kept confidential and secure during the mentoring relationship.


Please provide at least 24 hours’ notice (except in emergencies) if you need to reschedule a session. I will assume you will be attending unless notified otherwise. I will offer the same courtesy if I need to reschedule.

Timing and Duration of Sessions:

Monday – Friday 16.00 – 18.00.

This agreement will be reviewed and adjusted throughout the mentoring relationship as needed, based on your evolving goals and outcomes. You have the right to end a session or the entire relationship at any time.


To confirm your acceptance of this agreement and its terms, please click the consent box below.