Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

A policy for young people, partners, funders, or anyone involved with sinceresponse who is not an employee who wishes to raise a concern about an element of sinceresponse’s work or practice.

If you’re a member of staff at sinceresponse and wish to raise any concern or complaint, please fill out the complaints form.

At sinceresponse, we strive towards excellence in all that we do in our work towards giving young people the skills to manage conflict in their lives, reduce violence in their communities and help lead our society.
We believe in learning about ourselves, working together, and becoming able to take responsibility for our actions, but sometimes we do not always get things right and you may feel unhappy with an aspect of sinceresponse’s work. We want to provide a fair and well-structured process that will help us ensure that everyone we work with, and for, is able to get a response to their concerns.
Wherever possible we will aim to resolve any issues informally and directly.
We will carefully review your concern and where we can we will put things right.
If we can’t we will explain why and apologise when we have been at fault.
Your complaints, feedback, and suggestions continually help us to improve how we work so please let us know.

How do I make a complaint? 
If you are not happy about an aspect of our work or service that we have provided, it is usually best in the first instance to let the person who is providing the service know via the complaint form in the more section (bottom right of the screen).

Complaint Form

What happens if I make a complaint? 
Whenever you make a complaint, either verbally or by email, it will be logged and monitored on a central register that is held by our Complaints team.
If your complaint raises unaddressed concerns about a young person’s safety or wellbeing, we will suspend the complaints process and deal with these issues immediately.
Where possible, we aim to be able to resolve your complaint swiftly and informally by the relevant team, by staff who provide the service locally, or in the relevant area of work.
If your complaint regards a young person using our services, a member of our specialist team will contact you.
We are keen to learn and to adapt the way that we do things at
sinceresponse so if you do have a concern or complaint, please do let us know.
When we receive the complaint, we make sure that it is assigned to the most appropriate person.
You will be contacted in writing to confirm that the complaint has been received and provided with an outline of what we are doing to address your concern.
We aim to respond to acknowledge and respond to complaints within 24 hours and we make sure we log them and learn from them, addressing immediate changes in process or procedure across the organisation within five working days.